Threebond 1211 vs yamabond

TB1211 is ideal for places where a long, faultless seal is absolutely critical. Recommended for sealing flange surfaces, screw sections and as a gasket dressing, to prevent oil, water,.

Government Customs Records Notifications available for Threebond Fine Chemical C. See past imports to Three Bond India Pvt Ltd, an importer based in India. Follow future shipping activity from Threebond Fine Chemical C. Yamabond, Hondabond, Suzukibond is all the same stuff made by the Threebond company just labeled according to contract. #7 ADV Sponsors Bounder , Sep 17, 2014 #8 Bounder Typing... Joined: Mar 2, 2011 Oddometer: 2,324 Location: West Cork, Ireland Loctitie 515 is pretty good stuff for gasketless applications. .

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BACK Product: OPTIMUM BLACK Gasket Maker: OPTIMUM GREY Gasket Maker: Item: 27037: 27036 Size: 3.35 oz. 3.35 oz. Attribute: High Flex, Maximum Oil Resistance: High Temperature, Maximum Torque Load Resistance Temp. Range-65˚ to +500˚F Int.-65˚ to +700˚F Int. 2009. 7. 26. · 72. +1. 1. thanks for the responses, I was hoping to find something local to keep the project moving. Interestingly, I found a web page of equivalents showing threebond 1215 equiv.

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May 28, 2003. Oddometer: 3,305. Location: McKinney, TX and Breckenridge, CO. I'm about to do a pushrod seal job on my 93. For any of you familiar with yamabond, which.